Downtown Janesville WiFi is Back on the Table

12181051-downtown-janesville-wifi-zoneJul. 24, 2013JANESVILLE, Wis.Free community wifi in the downtown Janesville area is back on the table, after a few years of stagnation. The project originally developed by Robert Novak back in 2010 has found new life with the opening of Robert’s new business Novak Networx earlier this year. For those unaware Novak Networx is looking to build a community based free WiFi network in the downtown Janesville area, allowing visitors and regulars to the areas restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses easy & free access to the internet. Novak Networx will donate all of the equipment and labor to install the network, they are just asking for support from the local businesses in providing internet access. A small access point will be placed inside, in the windows or on the building of downtown businesses and then connected to that businesses internet. The system will share a small portion that businesses internet to the whole network and traffic will be distributed among all the access points. Secure firewalls will prevent any access to any local businesses network, and the network will be monitored to ensure fair access for everyone. The projects main goal is to give patrons another reason to go downtown, enjoy all it has to offer and visit the local businesses.

If you are a business in the downtown area who would be interested in having an access point located in your establishment, and donating a small portion of your high speed internet please contact Robert Novak III at 608-352-4060 or [email protected]. This will only happen if the community works together. Please spread the word, tell everyone what they are trying to do. For more information visit the projects facebook page at: